Monday, March 21, 2005

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The Editor, Football 365
Well, here it is...

I know you'll all have about 28 other ideas for Coconut Man t-shirts but we can't satisfy everyone. Unlike F365Goer.

And we can't use people's pics willy-nilly without permission.

If you do have any sensible suggestions then mail



Blogger weesteev said...

Love it Dan keep up the good work, ive added this to my blog so that should spread to a few more hundred of my followers LOL

Anonymous Anonymous said...

im sorry, but that sounds really sad. I use those groups, and the last thing we need on there is a bunch of stupid men messing around. That poor girl whos picture you are using !! I am going to get you banned off faceparty and yahoo personal. Loser.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, i have to agree with anonymous. when i first began reading your blog, i was quite impressed by you. But, sad to say, your recent posts have exemplified nothing but immaturity. You seem to be an intelligent and articulate man. Please, get a life.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Anonymous 1 - You need to get out more and start looking for and meeting REAL people rather than looking for something on the internet, thats just really really sad you know and you're lucky we aint bad people otherwise your pic could've ended up anywhere alongwith your number. I'm sure the guys at the forum aren't gonna do anythin with it but the fact remains, you are a sad sad person who needs to get out more.

anon.2 - I don't know wot you're pissed off about and it would've helped if you left your name. Anyways, normal service resumes from today hopefully.

For all the fans of coconut man - there will still be updates but I really think you should start reading the thread if you haven't already.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nobody's direct link to this "pics of your missus "forum thread works any longer. It goes straight to a page asking you to inform the webmaster how you got there. Clearly, they want less traffic on this topic.

There are 100's of posts and threads on 365, and no search button that I can find. It would help greatly if you could give the date of the original posting?

thanks very much!


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