Sunday, March 20, 2005

Forum Update

Here's some more coconut men, thanks to the efforts of Hugh Jarce, Ali and I think Prawnstar too.


They should be getting added to the Official


very soon.

If you haven't already started reading THIS THREAD, do it now! You don't know what you're missing out on.

Here are a couple of wallpapers for all the fans of coconut man.

Created By the Forummers



And a hilarious pic of 'Andrew', posing as COCONUT MAN. Photoshopped ofcourse.

Andrew's Details

Says he's 46. 'we know he's a lying cunt but what a lying cunt'. Married. Possible with Kids. Building Surveyor. In London for one day TODAY. Arriving by a train between 5-6pm at King's Cross. Staying at the St. Giles Hotel in London, 50 yards from Oxford St. 14 stone, 5'9, likes rugby, says he's VERY HAIRY.

Mobile Number: 07957 825514

Oh and our man likes to drive FAST.


Blogger Pauk said...

Just spent the entire weekend catching up with this whole coconut man revolution. It tickles me on the inside in a way I can't describe. Not only is it hilarious, but there's a moral too. This is better than a religion; it actually gives you a *good* reason not to trawl for pussy on the interweb. I wonder if deep down this is what spurred you guys on? Your social conscience telling you to stand up for... er, hang on. Nevermind, that guy showed the world his pee-pee. That's about as deep as we should delve into it.

Pure brilliance.


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