Saturday, March 19, 2005

LINK of the YEAR:::: Coconut Man

coconut man

Here's how it all began. Someone started a thread in the 365 forum titled 'Post a pic of your missus' in all seriousness...

Poor old skinny being really really naive (he's disappeared since) posted his girlfriend's pics, wanting to show off probably. Little did he know that she was eventually gonna turn into an internet celeb.

Everything since, is history. Coconut man joined in somewhere along the way and... oh fuck it I don't wanna spoil the fun for you lot, check it out for yourselves at the F365 Forum. (Read from page 13 onwards)

Check it out, you'll thank me!

Note to all bloggers:
Add a link to this on your blogs, lets give this the coverage it deserves. We all know the power of blogs.

After you've checked out the forum link, have a look at the coconut hall of fame


Anonymous Maniac5 said...

Poor skinny - Piss funny never the less.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

we should feel bad.........nah fuck em piss funny

Blogger coops said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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