Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Chelsea in with £32 million bid for Gerrard

Chelsea and Real Madrid appear to be ready for a bidding war over Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard. The 25-year-old seems set to leave Anfield after his agents broke off from talks over a new contract and said negotiations would not be re-opened.

Newspapers claimed on Tuesday that Chelsea had made a £32m offer - which would be a new British record.

Real confirmed their interest - while Liverpool are said to have responded by making Gerrard an offer to stay.
The BBC has more

----Comment from F365 Forum----
Listening to Rafa's passionate address yesterday made me realise just what goes on behind the scenes in contract talks.

As Rafa explained that he had tried to talk to Steven Gerrard on three occasions re signing a contract extension (but had been told to wait each time) it was clear that SFX are the real trouble causers here.

It seems that everything was fine on Wednesday but for some reason as SFX and 'their' man Steven left our club the mood was changing. Now why was that?

Was it the money .... well not for Steven it wasn't although I am sure his 'representative' would earn a couple of million if he was to be sold.

So was it Rafa?...... well the passion he showed when explaining how much he wanted SG to stay proved he was innocent.

Was it Rick Parry? He has always made it clear that keeping Steven was "the club's number one priority".

Was it David Moores? No because he and Gerrard are good friends.

So who could it be? What could have changed?....Rafa told us in a very diplomatic way and as such you can picture the scene during and after Wednesday's meeting.

SG's agent must have probed and probed about Rafa's new signings during their meeting. At todays press conference when Bolo Zenden was revealed as one of four new players Rafa explained with great sincerity that Zenden was Middlesbrough's best player last year, that Reina was the best goalkeeper in Spain last year, that Gonzales was currently the best player in Chile and that he had also signed a young player (barragan) who would be great for the future of the club.

The noticeable thing was that Rafa clearly felt that his choice of players was being questioned by Gerrard and his advisers.

It seems to me that Rafa has been trying and trying to get Gerrard to commit to Liverpool for the long term but to no avail. It also seems that SFX feel that they can earn more money from selling Steven and have convinced him that Rafa hasn't brought in the players that are good enough to make Liverpool great again.

If this is the case, then I'm sorry to say the hero scouser can't see past his own importance and it is Rafa who is the one passionately behind Liverpool FC.

This could be interesting even though its from 'The Sun'.

'The Liverpool faithful were given a glimmer of hope last night when Gerrard returned to the club’s Melwood training base with his advisor Struan Marshall. The pair had talks with Benitez, Parry and chairman David Moores having previously stated that no more discussions were planned.'


Anonymous scientist dan said...

Player prices are getting ridiculous. I say 'getting' they have been for a long time, but they're getting more ridiculous.

Blogger Sarah_A said...

it would be SO weird if Gerrard was to leave Liverpool...

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

I reckon chelski's made it worse. SWP for £20 million? my arse!

Blogger Val said...

I agree with Dan.
SWP isn't worth 20 mil...

But that's English football for ya...ridiculous pay packages for the highly sought-after footballers.


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