Sunday, July 24, 2005

Jean Charles de Menezes (1978 - 2005)

This is the man shot
5 times in the head by the police after he apparently refused to obey instructions and ran onto a northbound Northern line train.

Yesterday evening it emerged that he was a
Brazilian Electrician - unconnected to the london bombings and has been named by police as Jean Charles de Menezes, 27.

His cousin, Alex Alves Pereira, from London,
told the BBC: "Apologies are not enough. I believe my cousin's death was result of police incompetence."

Describing his cousin as a "person full of life" he said his cousin was "a victim of government's mistakes."

I'm sure everyone would understand the family's shock at this and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim of this tragedy.

But I don't believe the Police is to blame in this scenario. Given the situation, they did what was required of them. Had the man turned out to be a suicide bomber, the police would've been hailed as heros.

When you have a man who you're half-suspecting to be a terrorist, do a runner into a packed tube-station after being told to stop, jump barriers and rush into a packed train, you literally have a fraction of a second to react before the suspect has a chance to detonate the bomb he might be carrying.

Now, I KNOW he wasn't a suicide bomber but he could've been one and he really didn't help his chances by running away from armed cops INTO A TUBE STATION just one day after 3 failed attempts on tubes.

What made him run?

Could've been anything - He was legally resident in the UK so it won't have been any fear of immigration officials. He could've shat himself on seeing 5-6 big burly blokes (presumably) with a gun asking him to stop. He could've had gear on him and didn't wanna get caught. Fuck knows. We'll probably never find out.

What would YOU do if you had some armed blokes tell you to stop and that they're police? Running away hoping to outrun a bullet won't be an option now would it?

The police did exactly what they're expected to doby not taking any chances on the lives of hundreds of innocent passengers.

What really bothers me are 'witnesses' such as Mark Whitby, who came up with this gem:

'"I saw the man run onto the train, hotly pursued by three plain-clothes police officers. One of them was carrying a black handgun - it looked like an automatic. He looked like a cornered rabbit. They pushed him to the floor... and unloaded five shots into him." He said the suspected bomber 'looked Asian' and was wearing a heavy coat — rather too warm for Britain's ongoing balmy summer - with wires sticking out '

To me, this Mr. Whitby sounds nothing more than an attention seeking cock.


Blogger Sean said...

Man, you never run from the police, unless you're up to something. One idea.... this guy is from Brazil, where the cops are known to shoot people like dogs all the time. Could it be this was in the back of his mind and he got scared and ran? Just a thought. Whatever the case, sorry for him.

Blogger mcSey said...

Tough call. Shitty situation.

Feel sorry for the guy. Feel a little sorry for the cops.

Anonymous scientist dan said...

It's a sad state of affairs.


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