Saturday, July 09, 2005

Wrexham v Liverpool

An un-convincing 4-3 victory for Liverpool. However, two people who will be crucial next season if Liverpool are to mount a serious title-challege, Morientes and Baros, got 2 goals each. Here's the match report.

Our new away kit.


Blogger Sarah_A said...

like the new away kit?

ours is horrible - it looks like an advertising top for t-mobile (saying that i will probably get one)

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Much better than the yellow one! I'm buying one as soon as its on sale here.

Blogger Val said...

I liked it it by adidas? Haven't we always been sponsored by Reebok? It looks so like adidas...

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

naah we're still with adidas and carlsberg got another two years extension too on their contract so we're cool. I think the carlsberg logo looks fine even though i dont like the beer

Blogger Val said...

i love adidas...i think i'll get that...heehee

Blogger loveuamy said...

"Much better than the yellow one!"...i totally agree with that!! btw, yellow is as bad as their away performance in 04/05! Good choice to change it. ^^

Anonymous Roland said...

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