Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Idiotic moments you have witnessed..?

In my old student first floor flat I used to have a balcony overlooking the street and the supermarket across the road. Well, one drunken evening a few of us were out on the balcony sipping our 14th gallon of beer and the drunkest one out of us thinks it'll be a good idea to jump off the balcony and on to a van that's parked just below. It's not a big jump so he makes it OK despite having more alcohol than blood inside him.

So he's dancing away on top of this van when we spot 2 fellas coming out of this door across the street and heading towards the van. Mate on van bricks it and lies down (we're obviously pissing ourselves with laughter at this point). The 2 blokes get into their van and drive off.

He's left hanging on to the top of this van and as they get to the first lights (only 50 yards or so away) he's banging on the roof and everything trying to attract their attention and get them to stop.They get out of the van, he jumps off the roof and starts running back towards my flat. The 2 guys have seen him jump off and are cracking up themselves and aren't even bothering to chase him or anything.

Drunk mate then proceeds to trip himself up in the middle of the street. He stumbles back into the flat with his 2 front teeth chipped and piss all over himself.

From: Football 365 Forum Thread of the Week

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Anonymous scientist dan said...

aaaah...the joys of alcohol


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