Monday, August 29, 2005

Listen up!

Okay I've been a bit slow in posting in the past couple of days and most of its been about Liverpool, so for all of our non-football type audience, we'll be having a big update this evening and will try for more consistency from now on.

Meanwhile, if you're new here, Welcome to This is a Liverpool Football Club 'themed' blog about Me and Benny writing about some of our fucked up experiences, posting shit we find on the interweb, women with big tits and some anti-war stuff. Marky Mark was with us for a while but he's disappeared.
Let us know who you are and where you found us (we've just been linked by a porn site too).

If you want to exchange a link, you can email me on the details somewhere on the right of this page. If your link's disappeared from here (I've updated them a few days ago) let me know and I will link you back.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Dirty Dan said...

fucking beautiful innit, the first couple of comments just HAD to be spam

Blogger Sean said...

I just got spam for the first time also. Fuck, is there anything safe from it?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

ha ha as they say, startin to get spam means you're now famous :)

Blogger loveuamy said...

I think they won't miss any blog in your links...

Just have to keep deleting them...*sigh*

Blogger weenie said...

Spam's annoying. Blogger have something to help counter it:

It should help stop the auto-spam.

I came across this blog via On The Kop blog.

There's enough football to keep me interested on it...I just scroll past the pictures of the women...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope I'm back not abadoned my blog just had no pc access cos stupid workmen digging up the road chooed the cable up into little bits!!
Anyway hope your OK still madly at it I see.

Nikki xxx


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