Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Owen to Join Toon Army

Michael Owen has astounded us and all other right-thinking football folk by agreeing to sign a four-year contract at Newcastle after talks with the club yesterday. Owen also had talks with Liverpool but the Reds were unwilling to match the Toon's £17m bid.

The BENNY C Column

Well, after all the will he? wont he? it appears that young Michael has decided to join Newcastle on a 4 year deal. Funny how things work out eh? It's nice to see that he isn't just ditching Real (yes that's Real Madrid for those at the back) for a chance to play in the world cup. (Ironically, not dissimilar to the way he ditched Liverpool - at least this time he made his feelings known)

I'm not sure it's the best idea for the lad though, I think that many defences in the Premier league now have the measure of Owen ( why do you think none of the "big 3" went in for him?) and his role may be largely ineffective. ( But Ben, I hear you cry, he is a great striker and surely this is great for England?)

I feel that Newcastle will always struggle while Freddy Shepherd is sticking his oar in. Yes he is a die hard Geordie, and no doubt loves the club but he should leave the footballing decisions to those that know what they are doing. (Not sure if Souness counts either - unless you want a team of violent thugs. Hey, wait a minute?)

A big name does not automatically assure success (Kluivert anyone?)

Newcastle are reportedly paying £17 million for the 25 year old because Liverpool refuse to budge on any more than £8 mill. What were they thinking? Not paying over the odds for a player we sold under a year ago? Must be crazy.

Well, I for one, wish him luck at his new club, and may he spend many happy years there (of course, until next time a bigger club gets interested)

And now that is all over let's get back to business........


Blogger weenie said...

I'm sad as would have loved to have seen him back at Anfield.

Still joining the Toon is better than him joining say Man U.

Good luck to him but I doubt even he will save Souness' job!

Blogger ILuvNUFC said...


Blogger Dirty Dan said...

i think he'll do good at sjp. hope he doesn't score too many against us, im sure carra will keep him in his pocket


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