Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Updates on the Owen saga, Djibril Cisse and Warnock

Its always good when a player from your club is picked for the England side. Not only is it a recognition of their talents, but it does help the individuals themselves as they get to learn from some of the best players England has to offer, while doing wonders for their confidence.

I'm happy Warnock got picked. Eversince I watched him play in his first game I really thought he was someone for the future. He's always impressed me, but then again so did Josemi in his first game, who apparently will feature a lot more in Rafa's plans this season.

"Josemi can be an important player for us. He is a good player, an aggressive player, and he is getting more used to English football now." says

Michel Owen saga continues with no clear end in sight. He's in England as we speak which means he's definately on the way back. Whether its to the Geordies or to his beloved Anfield, is still unlcear.

Owen was at
St. James' Park today, to hold talks over a move to Newcastle, who are desperate to beat rivals Liverpool to his signature.

Reports suggest Real have already in principle accepted their offer of £16 million, while Liverpool are not prepared to pay more than the £8 million they sold him for last season, and quite rightly so.

From my understanding, Rafa's trying to keep the pressure on Real as they realise they will have to offload him within the next 2 days. Newcastle's offer doesn't really make much of a difference right now as Owen has clearly said he doesn't fancy the toon. If Owen hadn't objected to this, the deal would've been done and dusted but as we've already seen in Baros' case, where Liverpool were offered £8.5 million by Lyon but sold to Villa for 2 million less just cuz Baros' doesn't fancy Houllier too much, Owen's statement comes at a crucial time.

Ofcourse 16 million sounds more tempting, but if it can't be done than you'll take the next best offer as long as you aint looking like a pratt.

Now, here's the worst part. Liverpool are owed 8 million by Real over Owen's transfer last year... Which means they will only have to fork out 4 million. And even out of that, they can put down 1 million now and pay the rest over 3-4 years. Rumors suggest that to fund this deal (and the possibe purchases of a defender and a winger), Liverpool are preparing to sell Cisse.

I'm not sure if I'm entirely in favour of this, specially after Cisse's matchwinning performance on Friday. He's someone who WANTS to play for Liverpool. He's married a local girl and bought a big-fuck-off mansion to settle in and got married in a RED suit for gods sakes. The guy aint short of passion and the way he's been this season for us aint too bad for someone who nearly had his leg amputated last year.

In my season's predictions earlier this month, I said I expected him to score 20+ this season and I hope to God it aint for someone else.

Owen's excellent, but we've proved last year we can do without him. I'd love to see him play for us but at the expense of Cisse? Not too sure.

However, I do believe that the man who got us the holy grail of European club football with probably the weakest Liverpool team in past years, will make the right decisions for us.

In Rafa We Trust.

Nice eye Reds striker: Nice are plotting a loan raid on Liverpool for Florent Sinama-Pongolle.
Souey fears Reds over Owen: Graeme Souness feels the move for Michael Owen could be scuppered by Liverpool.
Kuyt to stay at Feyenoord
Roma snub Reds' Mexes bid
Marseilles hopeful of Cisse deal
Spurs fail in £8 million Cisse bid


Blogger Benny C said...

Owen, is he coming isn't he coming - does anyone care?

Quite frankly I am getting sick of all the speculation, I mean you couldn't go thirty seconds on Friday without Clive (I'm going to be bigger than Kenneth Wolstenhome) Tyldesley bringing it up.

During the Super cup is not the place to be talking about it.

He actually said something along the lines of: Liverpool haven't scored yet (about 20 mins into the match) they need someone up front, Owen would have scored by now....Obviously, I paraphrase, but this really annoyed me.

Owen, left. There is the cold hard facts of it folks. He thought Liverpool were not going to do anything and he went somewhere he thought he would win things. We did not force him to leave. When did all the fans forget about team loyalty? I mean they were all going to kill Gerrard when he was thinking of leaving.....

As Dan points out Cisse loves it here, he has had a tough first season, and everywhere he looks right now everyone is saying that we should get rid of him and get Owen back. Can't help the confidence much can it?

I say leave him alone. If Owen comes back so be it, but I don't want him. I would rather have someone who is willing to die for his place in the team then someone whose plan for success (and an England place - don't forget that the World cup is on the horizon...)backfired and has decided that he'll settle for coming back. I mean, he has said he will go to Newcastle this season. No offense to any Newcastle fans out there, nut there season is not off to a flyer is it?

Is that the move of someone who is doing something for their career? or someone that will go just anywhere for first team football? (The World cup again, remember.)

Another thing to think about is: how much is Owen expecting to get paid to come back? I really don't think he'll be doing it for free will he? He will however waltz in and expect to be paid more than a lot of the other players (ones who had faith in us in the first place and stayed) which can only cause back room problems......At the moment we have a really good team spirit. I don't think Owen is going to help that.....

As I say, only an opinion, fuck him. Newcastle can have him.


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