Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Racism from Yahoo?

Read the captions, carefully.


Blogger bunkr said...

Blatant racism

Blogger bunkr said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger mcSey said...

Of course it is.,3604,1559425,00.html << Chavs vs. Goths story for ya, unrelated.

Blogger Sarah_A said...

oh my god. HOW did they get away with that?!

Blogger Sarah_A said...

oh lord. Owens gone to St. James' Park, of all places...

Blogger mcSey said...

Hold on. I did a little research here. Yahoo! doesn't write the captions. The pictures come with their own captions from the newswire services so this isn't what it seems. AFP called them "finders" and AP called them "looters". Two different news organizations with two different takes. Now if we find an AP photo with white people in it that calls them "finders" then we'd have blatant racism.

Blogger Sean said...

Racism is the least of these people's worries now. Food and water (ironic) is what they care about.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

juz thought to say hi...I'm from singapore, was led here by a link from F365 forums, and never really left. This blog is awesome...funny and interesting, with a tint of seriousness at the same time

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

hey anon. - thx for the compliments - who r u on F365?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

mcsey - yes you're right, someone else also pointed out the same thing to me. thanks for pointing that out

Anonymous Pete said...

I'm guessing the difference between a looter and a "finder" is getting stuff for personal consumption? There is a lot of looting going on and it's pretty sick; while most people are suffering, others try to make a few extra bucks! Latest reports have gun shots fired at rescue helicopters, and that's putting back rescue efforts!

Blogger Salacious Samosa said...

It's crazy in the great wild west eh... never thought i would live to see america on it's knees... well here they are... and i guess they can't blame the arabs or muslims this time round....Ugh...

Blogger Sean said...

samarkand- You're not seeing America on it's knees. Sorry to disappoint you.

Anonymous Leumas said...

Explosions rock New Orleans ahead of Bush visit

1 word - Anarchy

Sad innnit? After all the devastation and the destruction, people still have to do things like this, not that I mind if the person in question is rattled though :P


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