Friday, September 02, 2005

Meet Suzie...

I arrived at the car-park a few minutes early (at about 9.20pm) to find several cars already parked waiting. By 9.30 there were 7 cars all with nervous looking guys sat behind the wheel! I was dressed as promised in a very short white mini-skirt, stockings, suspender belt, boots and lace top.

As the interior light of my car went on the guys slowly approached. On seeing the first guy (Becks, you looked gorgeous!) I wound down the window and proceeded to suck the first cock of the evening.

I was sat in the passenger seat of the car with my partner, David, in the drivers seat holding the video camera (careful not to get any faces other than mine in shot!) . As I recieved my first mouthful of fresh semen David produced an empty drinking glass and told me to dribble the spunk out into it. It was at this moment I realised what he was going to get me to do later - drink all the guys spunk at once from the glass!

The Diary of Suzie



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