Sunday, May 14, 2006


Match Highlights

Gerrard's 2nd Goal

Liverpool lift the Cup

'Lampard v Gerrard'

Imagine the scene.. a big worldcup night, a pressure cooker of a game, your team is down, nearly out....

Lampard (and terry for that matter) go missing....

Gerrard, steps up to the plate, scores one and wreacks havoc winning a penno in the process.

IMO he's a better player not just cos he scres goals that aren't deflected but also because he comes up with the goods at the most vital moments.. as displayed today.

In summary, Gerrard pisses on Fat Frank from a very very great height.

Who's had the better season, us or Man USA?



2 Man Utd P38 W25 D8 L5 Pts 83
3 Liverpool P38 W25 D7 L6 Pts 82

FA Cup:

Man Utd - 5th Round (lost to Liverpool)
Liverpool - Winners

League Cup:

Man Utd - Winners
Liverpool - 3rd Round

Champions League:

Man Utd - Finished bottom of their group.
Liverpool - Topped their group; went out in the last 16.

In my opinion it was Liverpool.

Man Utd held their end of season party in February so they had no distractions in the league and still only managed to finish 1 point ahead of Liverpool.

Liverpool went further in the Champions League whereas Man Utd embarrassed themselves.

And finally, Man Utd won a mickey mouse nothing competition whereas Liverpool won the greatest domestic cup competition in the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont mean to start a whole debate but how come the Carling Cup is all of a sudden a Mickey Mouse cup?

Didnt Liverpool win the FA, Worthington (then) & UEFA and was claiming to have done the Treble?

Blogger swervy249 said...

that season we won the treble we didnt have our end of season part in february, we were still playing after everyone else in the prem went on holiday

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stevie is the best in England hands down,the better question would be Ronaldinho vs Gerrard who's the best midfielder in the world?anyways its time for Beckham to aside,Stevie 4 England Captain!no John Terry.Ballack and Shevchenko to join the evil empire? i think so..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The evil empire"..hahaha..i like that phrase..

Blogger Super Cool Pete said...

When Carra talks of Stevie G one day being better than Kenny Dalglish, you've got to understand that he talking about his best mate. But thinking about it more and more, Kenny aside I do think that Gerrard has become the best player and at his relatively young age could become even greater than the king.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Dont mean to start a whole debate but how come the Carling Cup is all of a sudden a Mickey Mouse cup?

Anon, it was the mancs who started this whole 'mickey mouse cup' thing with regards to the carling cup, when we won it as part of our so called 'plastic' treble. Now all of a sudden when they've won it, they've gone back on all of that its a prestigious trophy! But then again you'd expect that sorta thing from man utd fans.

Ronaldinho v Gerrard..... now thats an interesting one. Gerrard need a little bit more time I guess, but if you look at which player means more to his team I don't think there's any doubt that, without actually being a one man team, liverpool are a much better side with Gerrard in it. He's the kind of player who can turn a game around on his own, no matter how big the occasion.

Anonymous Elias said...

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