Friday, May 26, 2006

More on Istanbul

Radio City's montage of the commentary of that game.
Radio Five's commentary of those
"Magnificent Seven Minutes"
Thanks to Mortimer Jazz

Also checkout
My eyes have seen the glory - From the official site.

Morientes Leaves for Valencia

Apparently for a figure around £3m. He'll probably start scoring goals for fun again in a league that suits him more. I believe I won't be wrong in saying when he signed for us, I wasn't the only one hoping he could be our long-term replacement to li'l mickey. Despite showing glimpses of his ability, Nando never really came good for us. Good luck to him at Valencia and thanks for the memories!

Am I the only one hoping Cisse is given another go? He's scored 19 goals in a season where he was mainly on the bench and played out of position. He did look like the striker we thought he was when he joined, towards the end of the season with some brilliant finishes - however, he does have a problem with his attitude which I think, again, could be due to him not having a regular place in the side.


Anonymous Rob said...

Your not the only one who thinks Cisse should be given another go, this guy is super quick and knows exactly where the goal is, problem is Rafa for some reason never plays him down the middle! But then who am I or anyone to Question Master Rafa...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Morientes leaves I think it will be a real shame. He is a great striker...maybe one day he will go back to Real Madrid, the team he never should have left and demonstrate once again who he is.

As for Cisse and Crouch well with all due respect (because i suppose that they are nice guys) I think they should both leave...the world is full of great strikers and lets not kid each other, those two are crap. I'm sorry but this is true.
It's a pity that in England they have no idea about whats going on in other parts of the footballing world...if only they knew!!!
Southamerica is full of excellent players!!!


Blogger Drogballs said...

yes, Cisse should stay..I've got this gut feeling he'll come good...someday..wishful thinking!


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