Monday, May 15, 2006

Priceless cockup by the beeb!

A CABBIE was mistaken for an IT expert he was sent to pick up at the BBC... and ended up being interviewed live on TV.

Watch the classic moment, where the cab driver realises that he is on air, and being mistaken for someone else, here. It's beyond classic: it's priceless.

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Here is Guy J Kewney's blog where he mentions the incident.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Priceless! Good to see you back btw. And great to see the cup back on Merseyside yesterday! Regards

Maudlin Rich
(I'll sort out that banner soon)

Blogger Drogballs said...

HAHA! that was class!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another priceless clip. This happened at a Polish petrol station by the looks of things:



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