Wednesday, June 21, 2006

MORE Silly things women say...

We know our fairer friends often put their high-heeled feet in their mouths when talking about the football, but we didn't quite realise just how many of their little errors would wing their way to us from you.

Upon drawing Japan in the work sweepstake a female colleague exclaimed, "Japan? why are they in the World Cup? I thought it was for European teams like Brazil"

She's got a geography degree.
Barry Baird

...My wife and I were watching the opening ceremony of the World Cup. Up walks Claudia Schiffer and Pele, the latter parading the trophy like he's just won it.

Says the wife - "Is he German, then?"
Ben Dixon

...I was watching the World Cup opening match with my friend, and she came out with the classic comment: "Do Costa Rica have any international players?"

Then, when Germany went 2-1 up, she said, "This game is boring, there are too many goals". Needless to say, she didn't stick around to watch the second half!
Nick in London

...While playing the new Fifa World Cup game on the Playstation an observing female friend of ours asked "How do you know which end you're shooting to?"

...I'm from Chesterfield, England but for the past year I've been living in San Diego California to study. I was speaking to my Texan girlfriend, bless her, about the World Cup and England's first match earlier today. Not being a big football fan she asked what England players she would know. I said, "probably only Beckham."

I was surprised at the quizzical look on her face before she answered, "but I thought he'd transferred?"

"What?" say I.

"Yeah, doesn't he play for Brazil now?"

Oh dear, the silly things Texas women say...
Ross Jarvis..

...I am one of those blokes in a relationship with a woman who detests football, but I managed to convince my lady a day out at OT to watch the England v Wales qualifier would be worth going to, and since she had never been to a football game she should appreciate why I like it.

Everything went well, she loved the atmosphere and was particularly tickled by our sheep-chants at the Welsh. I thought she was getting it and my relationship was going to a new level until, 10 minutes in, she said, "Which ones are England?".

Back to the drawing board.

Take a bow Shelly Priestley (and thanks for the junior blue on its way!)
Jon Mercer, Stockport

...As you printed 1-4 of Julie's comments already, I'm going to call this number 5 so I can keep track.

5. Whilst watching Mexico beat Iran on Sunday, she heard the crowd singing.

The comment was, "Are they singing that English chant in their own language?"

The Spanish speaking Mexican fans were chanting "Ole, ole, ole ole"

It just gets better.
John Smith, Handforth

...My mum started early this year in her pretending to be interested in football tomfoolery. After the Champions League final she asked me who had won. I informed her that Arsenal had lost and Barcelona had won, she replied "Does that mean England aren't in the World Cup now?"

Darren Curtis

...My girlfriend's brother and I were discussing the new ball being used at the World Cup, saying how bad it seemed especially for goalkeepers when up piped his wife Claire - "How are they supposed to play all those games with only one ball?"

Mmmmmmmm, I can see the ironing board calling!
Quinny - Tamworth (up the Villa)

...Watching the Portugal Angola game with my girlfriend, Faith Wilkinson (named and shamed).

Her: Why are all the players falling over, it really hot

Me: They water the pitch before the game so maybe that maybe playing a factor.

Her: That's a good idea; it allows them to cool down

Needless to say I have not stop laughing since.

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