Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What would you do?

Once again its the Brazilian women stealing the show. You just can't compete with them can ya? The question: 'How far are you prepared to get in her pants' was put to the forummers of the famous F365 forum and here are some of there responses.

Read at your own risk - some of them might gross you out or result in your vimto/coke/iced tea on your keyboard.

I would woo her with my charm and good looks to get in her pants and quite probably her arse as well

I'd eat a mile of her shit just to get in her pants
I'd eat the scabs of one thousand children with aids just too smell an envelope she once licked.

Man raised by puffins (most probably a gayer):
I'd hope she had a better looking friend.

I'd fellate exactly 307 brazillian pensioners children in the hope that I could one day pass out under a lamp post she once stared at.

Red Baron:
I'd build a time machine, travel back in time and surprise sex her foetus.

Third Nibble:
I'd lick a razor dipped in satans feltch juice whilst being humped by a horny gorilla to eat her toenail clippings.

Joe 2.0
I'd fellate an angry mountain goat just to get to enter a fighting competition in order to win the chance to smell an envelope that may or may not have contained a photo of the front door of her house.

I'd happily spend 3 days listening only to canned laughter and John Motson squealing Drog-barrrr so I could one day perhaps see a painting of the local laundromat where she may or may not have washed her bed clothing.

I'd suck off all the old dudes from the lemonparty picture just too have the chance to scrape my penis along 10m of posioned barbed wire so I could stare at a towel she once cleaned her hair with.

I'd be anally raped by a rhino's horn for 24 hours just for the chance to meet a person related to the person that made her t-shirt.

Joe 2.0
I'd lick a an old mans ball bag whilst he bums a concerned puppy just for the chance to throw a kitten at her old school teacher.

Red Perv:
I would scrape my knob along a mile of sandpaper and then dunk it in vinegar just to be able to sniff her next door neighbours toilet seat.

I'd happily slap my penis against an enraged tigers face on the chance that he doesn't bite it off so I could then rape her dead milkmans corpse so I could lick a bottle of milk she probably hasn't ever seen.

I'd cut off my nipples with a rusty spatula then post them to mexico just for the chance to mung the corpse of the milkman that Juan just raped.

Captain Fugazi:
I'd repeatedly cunt myself in the bastard with a rusty bastard-cunter just to drink the pint of 1664 left by the forummer with the shortest name who may or may not have looked at this thread with her picture on it.

I'd willingly gorge on a cocktail of smegma and clinkers garnered from the top 100 filthiest vagrants in Scotland just to listen to seven seconds of completely fabricated stories of her childhood told by some deranged old hag who, due to dementia, mistakenly believes she is her grandmother.

Ripping: I'd suffer some painful, taboo-breaking indignities and end up wounded, mentally and physically scarred and probably in jail. Hang on, what was the question?


Blogger theGoose said...

I'd marry mrsGoose again just to talk to her. [The Brazillian girl that is, not mrsGoose]

Blogger P. M. G. said...

For sure this girl isn't brazilian. Brazil in Portuguese is "Brasil". And there is "better" girls, the Polish.


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