Monday, August 07, 2006

What happens when an insect falls into a cup of coffee..

The British: will throw the cup into the street and leave the coffee shop for good.

The American: will get the insect out and drink the coffee.

The Chinese: will eat the insect and drink the coffee.

The Israeli will:

(1) Sell the coffee to the American and the insect to the Chinese.

(2) Cry on all media channels that he feels insecure.

(3) Accuse the Palestinians, Hizb Allah, Syria and Iran of using germ-weapons.

(4) Keep on crying about anti-semitism and violations of human rights.

(5) Ask the Palestinian President to stop planting insects in the cups of coffee.

(6) Re-occupy the West Bank, Gaza Strip.

(7) Demolish houses, confiscate lands, cut water and electrity from Palestinian houses and randomly shoot Palestinians.

(8) Ask the United States for urgent military support and a loan of one million dollars in order to buy a new cup of coffee.

(9) Ask the United Nations to punish the coffee-shop owner by making him offer free coffee to him till the end of the century.

(10) Last but not least, accuse the whole world to be standing still, not even sympathizing with the Israeli Nation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A bit one-sided don't you think?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Sorry I should've mentioned, this is one of those email 'jokes' doing the rounds these days - no offence intended to anyone.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very true...

Richard Quinlan

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I'd add: What if the insect was dropped in the coffee by a Palestinian?

Answer: It's probably a bomb so any precaution the Israelies take is good!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me...may not be humerous to all...but definitly true!!

Blogger aLi said...

i dont see it as a joke, but i definitely agree with it!.. Olmert's too much..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

True joke... I used to support Israel, but after this war, whoever sais that Israel is a terrorism state is right!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is isreal?
what you call "isreal". i call zionist occupiers in Palestine.

i like the joke. very well writtin to show the true color of those terrorists


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