Saturday, August 05, 2006

A small matter

I aint engaged anymore. Been some time now. Needed to get it off me chest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news mate, wait 'til your much nearer you thirties before you consider it again.

Anonymous shahid said...

Sorry to hear that dude!!
What me sometimes....
take it easy & dont worry... everything happens for the good....
Welcome to the delicious world of bachelorhood....enjoy it while it lasts!!! tc dan

Blogger Drogballs said...

no worries dude, you're only 23! hahaha

Blogger Samantha said...

sorry to hear it but I hope it helps to say it... :)

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

erm.. its quite alright actually. :-)

Blogger Avram said...

all for the better mate ... now you have more time to keep your blog fans happy! :)

Blogger Salacious Samosa said...

Sorry to hear that, but I am sure it was for the best. I didn't know you were 23, I think you should wait a while man. These things take time... let me once again recite my quote for you:

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" Alexander Pope...

Glad you waited... life goes on and you shall inshallah find another! All things come in good time.

All the best mate...Chin up and keep the pictures comming!


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