Thursday, August 03, 2006

Everton fans start fight at game on US tour !!

Everton fans started a fight - after being incensed by a banner that was displayed at their game in Columbus, Ohio.

The banner read - "Columbus Welcomes The Neighbours Of The Five Times European Champions".

The Columbus Dispatch reports:

'The not-so-friendly match was marred — or spiced, depending on one’s viewpoint — by a bleacher brawl between Everton supporters and fans of rival Liverpool. ' [

More details emerge at the
Columbus Crew Forum:

'One more thing, anyone on here in 108 that can tell us what lead to the punches and cops moving in? It looked like a guy with a Chelsea jersey with a Liverpool banner and a sign welcoming the "neighbors of the 5 time European Champs" to Columbus got under the Everton folks' skin a bit. '


'It was really just one Everton fan who was causing the problem. About twenty minutes into the game or so, he went up to the guy in the Chelsea shirt (a Gudjonson jersey) next to the Liverpool banner and got in his face and started cussing him out, and security took him away before it got real ugly. There were two women next to the guy in the Chelsea shirt (they weren't together, I don't think) who were pretty p*ssed off about the whole thing. The other Everton fans in the section started yelling at the guy in the Chelsea shirt, who claimed that the banner wasn't his, and that he wasn't a Liverpool fan (I don't know if that's true, but there was a guy next to him in a Liverpool shirt). '

Anyway, the same Everton fan came back in the second half and started pushing the guy in the Chelsea shirt. I don't 'think there were any punches thrown between the two (just some pushing), and then the police dragged the Evertonian off, and it sounded to me like they scuffled in the hallway underneath thte stands. From what I heard afterwards, he got arrested. Then the police came back and got a statement from the Chelsea guy and the two women next to him (they complained about it to anyone within earshot for the whole time), and hung around the section for the rest of the game.'

'Apparently, the two women felt it necessary for the police to escort them to their car after the game. It wasn't that big a deal...and it distracted from the game. The Everton fans were sympathetic towards their comrade, but no one else got involved, and all the Crew fans just wanted the guy out of their so they could watch the game. Anyway, that's what happened.'


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