Monday, September 18, 2006

Panicking? I'm not.

Liverpool crafted enough clear cut chances to win and Chelsea were extremely fortunate not to concede at least one goal. If we create so many good chances in a game we will score several at least 90% of the time. Unfortunately we could not convert our chances but the attacking play was exciting and Chelsea were clinging on. Even Ferguson said that we all know Liverpool should have won.

For those fans writing off Liverpool's title chances already I say think on this...

Liverpool have played one game less than Man U and Chelsea and if we win our game in hand the gap is considerably smaller. Arsenal also have played only 4 games but have played 2 games at home (both draws).

Liverpool have only played a single home game (a victory). Man Utd and Chelsea in contrast have played 3 home games.

Now the difference between playing 21 games and playing 20 games is small but in terms of points and table places the difference between playing 4 and 5 games is more drastic. It is interesting to see that all 4 major title contenders have already suffered defeat after 5 matches. No-one looks invincible.

Let's reflect on the loss, lick our wounds and move onto to the Newcastle game. This is another home game and with the Newcastle goalkeeper injured it is essential Liverpool play well and get a convincing win. [Match Review by Stanaccrington]


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