Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Babe of the Day: Elsa Benitez


Anonymous prash said...

she is not in anyway related to rafa is she?haha.

i c things r back to normal!!

u forgot to mention YNWA being sung and heard in the 60000 arse stadium while liv were losing 3-0.make u proud to be a red.dont the gunners have any song to sing other than BOOO BOOO?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Nah although i wish she was and we'd see her around anfield!

was reading an article somewhere after the game that despite moving to the 60,000 capacity TES, the gooners are still quiet as fook. its just a bigger and better library really. there was some bollocks about how its got to do with their style of play, pass+pass+pass which doesn't excite the supports in a way that say liverpool's style does. Bollocks really.

I heard the ynwa towards the end - makes you proud.

Blogger Wee Duff said...

Dan, been checkin out your blog for ages now. I'm not one for leaving comments, but felt i had to to say 'never leave us for that along again!'. You do a great job fella, keep up the good work

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Dan.

Blogger Craig said...

I was gonna ask if she was related to Rafa!

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

weeduf / convict - cheers for the support fellas ;-)


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