Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've lost a little bit of respect for Barca fans...

after watching their fans spitting on Steven Gerrard when he took his corners, and some of the theatricals of their players on the field.

Every club has its idiots and I'm sure we've got a few as well, however, spitting on opposition players is disgraceful and has no place in football.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i saw the spitting too , dude..

i agree with u..disgraceful..

Blogger weenie said...

It's not just the Barca fans that get on my t*ts...the Barca players could easily win gold at the next Olympics in the diving event! Atrocious cheating behaviour!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Agree With Weenie Terrible Diving And It's Ruining The Game!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't that cool... He needs advices from Lovecentria


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