Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Semi Final Second Leg

Chelsea have Carvalho, Ballack, and Shevchenko missing. The absence of the first two is obviuosly a big blow to Chelsea, with Shevchenko's absence being a blow to us. Its amazing (and a bit sad) to see one of the world's top strikers turned into a joke by the translator.

Liverpool on the other hand have Finnan back, which will be a relief for Alonso and the rest of the squad as he provides the width and an outlet on the right which was missed in the first leg. I know a lot is being made out of our the impact our fans can have tonight, and I'm torn between going to the pub to watch it where it'll be too noisy to hear the sounds from the stadium, or watching it at home on the telly where I could hear the KOP roar. Anyone who remembers 'that semi final' two years ago will know what our fans can do, and hopefully we'll get a chance to relive that tonight.

I can see us getting an early goal as Chelsea will no doubtedly take time to get used to the incredible noise (They have to advertise in Metro to sell CL tickets, you see). Carvalho's missing which definately helps. Essien, no matter how good a player he is, won't make a good centerback. And hopefully we'll see less diving from that c*nt of a player, Drogba, who's on a yellow and another will see him miss the final (if they get there).

Overall prediction? I'll go with a 3-1 that'll include a Steven Gerrard screamer from 25 yards. Make sure you've got enough toilet roll.

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Anonymous ShazBo said...

All I have to say is please don't play Zenden...

Blogger mcSey said...


Blogger weenie said...

YESSSS! Bring on Athens! I don't care who we meet in the final - although an all English club final would be brilliant, it would be funny if the Mancs were booted out tomorrow night by Milano.

Come on the Reds - fantastic! And fortunately, Zenden played a much better game tonight.

Blogger Val said...

Yo Dan, nice to see you back!! You are surely missed by many, me included.

Great great game...did you see Rafa sitting on the field when the penalties were being taken? I saw that on the telly, thought that was cute!

Anonymous Greg said...

Fuckin dancer! priced flights to Athens from Dublin. 2335 dollars!

Blogger mcSey said...

Wow 2335... I'm not sure if that's euros or US dollars or what, but I can fly from Chicago, IL to Athens for $1100 USD round trip.

Airlines are weird;)

Blogger bas kamal said...

Come on the Reds - fantastic! And fortunately, Zenden played a much better game tonight.


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