Sunday, August 19, 2007

We've got the best midfield, in the world!!!

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Blogger Fox said...

Thats quality stuff!!!!

PS you getting lazy you dont seem to be posting anything on this site these days???

Anonymous Anonymous said...

why are you so dead man

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan, have you finished on this site now because im getting sick and tiered of coming on here to find it has'nt been updated.

Please let me know so i can delete it from my favorites.

and dont come back with the same excuses that you always use, "i'v been ill and i'v been on holiday.


Anonymous jummy bear said...

come on dan anon is tiered...get your act together before he falls apart!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you depressed or what

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are you. come back. please

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan we miss you. really

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan it seems to me that you've been away longer than good old Harry Kewell!!! LOL :~)

P.S - Where art thou?

Anonymous Dan's Brother said...

Dan has passed away :( I'm so sorry to announce this to you, but he told me to pass on the message.
I can't give details on the death but the killer, Pete Gill will be ordered to court soon.
Thanks for your time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats not true. Who the hell are you. Did you kill Dan????????????

Anonymous dans brother said...

im dans brother, and id appreciate if you could show some respect.
Leave your tributes here:
Dan, you were a pretty cool brother, hope we can get that sob pete.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan, don't worry we will bring you back from HELL.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dead or not dead there's only one thing To Be said YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE WITH A HEART AS BIG AS LIVERPOOL! NOW THAT SOUNDS COOL!!!
Respect - Is - Peaceful !!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

whens the funeral and where?

Anonymous Dans Brother said...

The funeral will be at Jumeirah Beach Hotel,as he requested to be sent out to sea.
See you there at 5 pm Monday 22nd October outside the Jumeirah Gym. The man will then take us to leave our regards.

Anonymous Paul said...

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