Monday, May 05, 2008

Feeling Blue :-(

Not being sarcastic either. They were the better side on the night and deserved to go through.

What a fantastic game though!?! Edge of the seat stuff! and much better than the dross served by the two otherwise entertaining sides in Utd and Barca. That Drogba is shit-hot when he stays on his feet! Also, it was good

I'll be backing Chelsea 100% to win it obviously and probably more so since I quite like that grant fellow. Seems to be a genuinely nice person trying his best to do a job to the best of his abilities despite taking stick from his own fans and the media. Yes he's not as entertaining as Mourinho but he's got class and dignity, and its good to see him refraining from mindgames (Rafa should've done that!) unlike the classless prick that was Jose Mourinho. Special one my arse, special needs one more like.

As for Chelsea, a trained monkey could get results with the quality in that team and that shows Mourinho up really. With that side and his transfer / wages budget, anything less than a treble should be conidered a failure.

I might do a season review later with a bit on our potential new owners as well.

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Blogger Val said...

yeah, i'm backing chelsea to win it too!

Grant simply did what Mourinho failed to so at chelsea, Champions' League FINAL, man!


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