Friday, March 18, 2005


A man walks into a shop...
Customer: "Worcester sauce flavour crisps please"
Shopkeeper: "Sorry can't, it's off the shelves, cancer scare."
Customer: "Oh right, Chinese Chicken Wings?"
Shopkeeper: "Ah that's the same. Cancer scare"
Customer: "Hamburger Relish?"
Shopkeeper: "Cancer scare"
Customer: "Sausage and Mash?"
Shopkeeper: "Cancer scare"
Customer: "Cottage Pie?"
Shopkeeper: "Yes, wait, Cancer scare."
Customer: "So they're all off the shelves because of a Cancer scare?"
Shopkeeper: "Yes"
Customer: (sigh) "Just give me 20 Benson & Hedges then..."
Shopkeeper: "Certainly. £4.50 please."


Blogger No Pantz said...

That seems kind of like a Cheese Shop ripoff from Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Blogger S said...

reminds me of my the most heath conscience person..always watchign his calories...taking supplements...what not and then smokes half a pack a day!!

btw, your blog has become quite popular at my branch!!


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