Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Gerrard:: I love Liverpool Too much

Gerrard to Stay

Its natural to have negative feelings towards someone who you believe has betrayed you. And while it is true that he wasn't at his best last season, I do admit that without him, we wouldn't have gotten anywhere in the CL either.

Now that he's decided to stay, apparently because of his love for the club and its fans, should he be forgiven and accepted back in our hearts?

Regarding his decision, I reckon Jamie C might've had a 'quite' word.

To be fair to Steven Gerrard, if you saw him last week at training or in the press, he looked genuinely happy. So whatever made him decide to 'leave' definately happened last weekend.

"I am delighted Steven is staying, I was speaking to him four or five days before pre-season training and there was no happier lad on Merseyside. He wanted to get a deal done, but he was a little concerned it was not done quicker. But it was only a side issue.

"He was absolutely delighted and looking forward to the start of the season.

"I don't know what happened in between, I wonder if anything was going on behind the scenes with an agent or something. I was absolutely gobsmacked on Sunday. -
Phil Thompson

Also, since we've seen Roman's taken over Chelski, clubs try to cover up their transfer market moves because of the fear that Chelski will jump in and ruin it for them by raising the prices.

This could be the main reason behind the Gerrard Story as Liverpool want to direct everybody's attention away from their actual transfer moves since they can not afford to waste anytime in negotiations unless they still think that the likes of Milan, Traore and Kewell really are world class!!

I expect surprising and good signings by Rafa in the next week..


Blogger Mark said...

my heart can only take so much!!!!

Blogger Benny C said...

Ok, so now he wants to stay......Do we want him?

He has shown that his loyalties are at least divided...hmm, odd one.

Another rumour in this neck of the woods is that it was the agent trying to broker a deal behind his back in order to line their own pockets.....

I really hope so. I think we may be better off without him if not.

We don't want this every year.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

I don't know what to think anymore. I'll wait for the details to come out. If he's actually just stayed bcuz he really does love the club, I'd like to see him sign an extension to his contract.

I think he just shat himself when he saw what he was going to lose.

Too bad we'll have to do without the £40m his sale could've got.

Blogger Val said...

He's staying...he changes his mind like flipping a prata (if you get it)

Don't think about it, wait till the details are out. We might see the other side of the prata tomorrow....hahaha!

Yeah, i could do more with the
35 - 40 mil....

Blogger Benny C said...

Ok, so whatever happened we'll probably never know, he has said:

He said: "I don't want to get into attaching blame to anyone. If I blame anyone, it's myself.

"I wanted my future sorted out as soon as possible after the Champions League final and when that wasn't the case, the longer it went on, the more misunderstandings there were.

"There was confusion and doubt in my mind. I had discussions with the manager, but the reports of bust-ups are complete nonsense. Now I know how much the club wants me."

So a misunderstanding then? a "fact" reinforced? by :

And Gerrard revealed he is ready to sign his new contract as quickly as possible.

He said: "I'll be signing the deal, maybe even today (Wednesday). I'd also like it known there are no clauses in that contract.

"I've committed my long-term future to the club and I want all the speculation to end now. This is what I've wanted all along."

I am giving hime the benefit of the doubt, no clauses means he intends to stay and appears to be genuine. Add that to the fact that we now have a player that would start every week for most clubs in the world wanting to stay with us long term. You can't beat that.

He may not be the best player in the pitch but in terms of heart Stevie has always been one of us. (Recent events excluded)

That's why I felt so strongly about the way it was going....I'm sure many feel the same. (Hell, I'd have Fowler back too!)

I say give him a chance - It may have just been a monumental cock up. (Admittedly it doesn't look that way....All will out in the long run)

More :


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