Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Liverpool FC today issued the following press statement regarding Steven Gerrard.

"The club has made it crystal clear we want to keep Steven at Anfield. Sadly, he has told us this afternoon that he will not accept our offer of an improved and extended contract because he wants to leave Liverpool. We very much regret the decision he has taken."

Liverpool's 25-year-old captain delivered the news to chief executive Rick Parry after he rejected a £32m offer from champions Chelsea.

Gerrard has turned down a £100,000-a-week contract offer made by Liverpool in emergency talks on Monday.


FA cup, UEFA cup, champ league, european super cup, worthington cup twice, finished in top 4 (barring last season) for the past i dont know how many years-including a 2nd place, lots of semi finals, hes been made captain, offered £100,000 a week, supposedly the club hes always supported, reigning champs of europe, his home town, and the greatest football team ever in england - history wise... but no, he wants to go to a club who are better?

who? cheski? if/when roman leaves, that club is going bust sooo fast. how can u have a club where the whole future is based on one man. they have no past, and a future where every1 hates them, and they just buy every good player in the world once theyre already established.
real madrid? did they have a better season than liverpool? considering the amount of money theyve spent over the past 5 years, are they actually any better than what we have acheived the last 5 years?

apart from that, who is genuinley in a better position than us? Arsenal? one man team, and have about as much chance of winning the league as we do.
Man U? are they going to win the league? would they ever take to him anyway?

hes an arse-everyone should hate him, boo him for england.


Blogger Benny C said...

Gutted, absolutely gutted.

Though if the deal he was offered is not good enough for him (making hime the highest paid player in the premiership) Fuck him. You can't keep a player that doesn't want to stay. It's good to see that he loves the club as much as the rest of us. Nice words with the cup in your hands bastard!

SFX have, over the past couple of days, tried to make the club look like they are pushing him out. We know that is not true. Welll after all their "advice" I hope Rafa leads us to more trophies and has the chance to show Stevie the error of his ways.

Xabi is a better player anyway. Check the Opta stats....

I hope to god he doesn't go to Chelsea.....

Blogger Val said...

i just heard about it too...damned fucked up.

I'm not sure if he would be going to Chelsea, looks more likely that he would be going to Real, seems like he rejected the extended contract & additional pay from Pool (obviously for more $$).

Right, we can't make someone who doesn't wanna stay to remain at the club. Let's hope the $$ from his sale would bring about more talented players.

If he does go to Real, he might have to wait for his turn to play first-team football, what's the man thinking??

There's no guarantee of first-team football nor the immense support/respect he gets from Anfield now.


Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Actually, I hope he DOES go to chelsea so captain carra can snap his fucking back.

Blogger Val said...

hmm...i see that your banner now has a new look.


Blogger Dirty Dan said...

im very tempted to remove every pic of his and his bint from this blog

Blogger Benny C said...

The thing that annoys me most is the fact that, for most of (if not the whole of) the past year, you have known about this.

Have the balls to tell us (the fans) the truth and we would respect you more. None of this sneaky bollocks. No-one

Were you really hoping that we did badly last season so you could leave guilt free. (I bet winning the European cup really pissed you off! Is that why you slept with it Stevie? Just saying goodbye?)
Most of all your saying that the team is not good enough to win things. You think your team mates liked that? Nice vote of confidence.

We appreciate all you have done for us, but remember where you came from. The reason you first kicked a ball, who trained you when you did.

If you can do that and not feel sick for the way you have handled this.....We both know that's not going to happen.

All ex-players get the warmest welcome at Anfield. (Except maybe Souness - and that is nothing to do with his playing days) I think you just killed any chance of that happening. You only had to be honest.

Jamie is an example to every single person that kicks a ball the World over. He loves his club, he started here, he wants to finish here. Matt le Tissier was very similar. Those are the players that the fans remember....

Once again, thanks Steven (and in a begrudging way - good luck). You did a lot, Liverpool will do more.

Shame you wont be there.

Blogger Bif said...

The way people went on about him last season, you'd swear he was Maradona. He's not irreplaceable and, in fact, he spent so much of last season with his head up his own arse he frequently failed to do his job properly. Anytime we played Chelski, Lampard was allowed run around the pitch kicking seven shades out of anyone he wanted. Would Roy Keane have tolerated it. Not a hope. Gerrard never truly showed any of those leadership qualities, despite how often the press trumpeted him as a one man team. Give the captaincy to Carragher and let's recognise who was real midfield genius last season - Alonso. Let Judas go wherever he wants. It's Rafa's name that will go down in club history.

Blogger Mark said...

just came back from being ont he piss
i word...bollocks!

anything less than 30 mil would be dailight robbery
alonso may be a better player staticically but no one can bring the kind of energy to the game and fire up the rest of the lads like gerrard can. sad day- will be impossible to fill his boots

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Gerrard, when he wanted to be, was the best midfielder in the world. Its a shame we only saw that a couple of times all season and as the Opta stats show, Xabi played far better last season. Stevie did play a monumental role in winning us the CL but apart from that you could tell his heart wasn't in the club. He lacks belief. He was criticised by benitez for saying he doesn't believe we can win it, before the last 16 and I'm sure now the only reason he's left is bcuz he doesn't believe we can win anything with this squad hence we had Benitez and Parry on monday trying to justify their signings so far and adding that there are a few more to come. That message was for Gerrard only but as usual its the fucking agents who've decided this as any deal involving a sale will mean £££ for them.

Sad day, but might be a turning point for Liverpool. We can certainly do better without him.

Blogger Sarah_A said...

true, you are most definitely better off without a player who doesnt want to be there.

its so awful - all the decent British players have left the Premiership, and all gone to foreign clubs, i.e. Real Madrid.

and he is most certainly not worth the £32 million some clubs are willing to pay for him.

(Dan - i think i might need a new banner...)

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

based on last years performance, he's only worth about 15 million. he wanted to go to chelsea and only stayed after rafa begged him to see for one more year. Wanted to go in xmas period but was told there would be no way he'd be sold in the middle of a season. Thats when it was visible from his performance his heart wasnt really in it, apart from a couple of matches here and there

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

although i do hope Real and Chelski play the bidding game until the price reaches £40 mil and then sell him before they realise they're making a mistake.

Oh and also, (you read it here moment) Barca might be planning to bid for £37 mil in the next couple of days if not today.

(sarah - i just realised it. will send you a Xabi Alonso one tomorrow. Thanks ;)

Blogger Sarah_A said...

its such as shame... none of the players are loyal to their clubs anymore.

we just signed Steve Watson from Everton - anyone know if he is any good?!

Blogger Sean said...

I'll believe it when I see it, but perhaps I'm just in denial. Thanks for the drink recipe Dan....sounds pretty damn good.

Blogger BeginToEnd said...

The saga has come to an end that we await to see where SG will trot to. Seriously I am not really shock at him leaving. Just that him giving some shitty reasons. Its been 2 seasons and that's the best reason he came up with?!

Like Dan said, "to another premier club so our lads will break him in 2! The kop will boo him for every touch he makes."


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