Thursday, August 11, 2005

Classy Reds cruise past Sofia

The Flying Lord of the Manor Nando's 1st Nando's 2nd Nando Celebrates 2527859

Liverpool moved a step closer to the group stages of the Champions League in Sofia on Wednesday night as Rafael Benitez's side produced another classic European away performance to beat the Bulgarian champions 3-1.

A first-half strike from Djibril Cisse and one in each half for Fernando Morientes could prove absolutely priceless away goals for Rafael Benitez's side when the return leg at Anfield in a fortnight's time decides which one of these two teams ends up in the draw for the Champions League proper.

Benitez had warned on the eve of the game that CSKA Sofia would prove a far tougher test for the European Champions than either TNS or FBK Kaunas had in earlier qualifiers and his assessment looked spot on as the Bulgarian title-holders immediately took the game to the visitors from the first whistle.
Full Match Report

Other News:
Parry surprised at Gonzalez rejection
Liverpool Chief Executive Rick Parry says he is surprised that the club's application for a work permit for Chile starlet Mark Gonzalez was turned down and expressed his frustration at the decision.

Hyypia not happy to concede a goal
Sami Hyypia felt it was a good win for Liverpool in CSKA Sofia but added as a defender he wasn't at all happy with the goal the Reds conceded in Bulgaria.

Gerrard: This will be Nando's season
Steven Gerrard watched Fernando Morientes bag his first Champions League goals of the competition and then declared: "This will be his season."

11/08/05 : CSKA coach: Better team won
11/08/05 : Cisse abuse to be reported
10/08/05 : Cisse: I have a lot to prove this season
10/08/05 : Rafa happy with Sofia success

New dawn or a flash in the pan? <----- Excellent Article


Blogger loveuamy said...

Dan, can you watch the match now?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

hey amy no not yet i tried downloading the thing but its blocked on here on the local ISP - i got a way around it i'll try it tomorrow

thanks though, you're a genius you

Blogger loveuamy said...

Okay, hope you can watch that!

Blogger Sean said...

Hey Dan, did you hear about Abramovitch's boat? Funny story, it's linked on my blog. I'd like to hear your predictions for the season also (and anyone else's).

Anonymous scientist dan said...

say dan, how hot is it out there, if you're still in u.a.e?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Sean - I'll be checkin that in a minute. I'll post my predictions in a couple of days.

Scientist Dan - mid 40's mate, and its humid as fuck. Its alright if you're indoors or driving cuz everything is airconditioned. Or when you're at the beach.

Are you plannin to visit?

Blogger Sarah_A said...

when i just happened to be in Qatar the other day (no, really, i was, my flight transfered in Doha) i think it was like 40 degrees centigrade or something. i could barely breathe when i got off the plane... i really don't know how people can exist in that crazy sort of heat. it was like being in a sauna!

Blogger Sarah_A said...

the match was good, BTW. i watched it on Sky Sports 1.


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