Monday, August 08, 2005

Kiss my Chaddiezzzz!

Following on from our insight into Chavs the other day, we present another (not so new) phenomenon. Pendoos!,

'We were not only amazed by the amount of fellow Pendoos out there but also by the fact that they don't all live in East Ham but seem to be located all over the world.

As Pendooism gets into every part of daily life we've split the site into a number of sections, each having it's own gallery pics, guestbook entries and links.

And that is where all you Pendoos come in. If you are a Pendoo, if you know a Pendoo or if you think you know what makes a Pendoo, please submit us whatever you can. Whether it's a picture of your Uncle Harpreet's garden in Ilford or the dance moves of your cousin Gurpal in Ealing, we would like the rest of the world to see it. '


Blogger s said...

i love the pendoo in the middle - his trousers go all the way up to his bitch tits!

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

aye and look at the one to his left! (right on our screen)

the one on extreme left is the only one dressed properly

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Dan =)


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