Monday, August 08, 2005


\Midg"et\, n. [Dim. of midge.]
1. Offensive. An extremely little person who is of proportionate stature.
2. A small or miniature version of something.
3. A class of small objects, as a class of very small sailboats or racing cars.

Why do midgets laugh while they play the soccer?
Because the grass tickles their balls!

What is really really nasty?
When a midget tells you your hair smells good

How do you stop a midget from drowning?
Take your foot off his head.

How do you keep midgets out of your back yard?
Hang one out the front.

Never seen a midget? Now's your chance

1.Midget In A Washing Machine
2.Midgets trying to pretend all normal
3.Midget On Drums
4.Midget Playing Electric Guitar
5.Wow This Is The Coolest Midget
More Funny Midget Pics

Midget Tossing

The longest midget toss is said to have been made by an English truck driver named Jimmy Leanard. he tossed Lenny The Giant (4'4" , 98lbs.) 11 feet, 5 inches. There is said to be an Australian record of around 30 feet, but i was unable to find any record of this documented anywhere, and i suspect it is just internet Myth.

2.) Midgets who go on tours for the soul purpose of Midget tossing, can make six-figure incomes. Dont feel so sorry now do you?

3.) Midget tossing has been outlawed in many states in America, and in many other countries, but luckily here in old Blighty it is still allowed, and rightfully so.

From: Jon Donnis's Midgets


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