Friday, August 19, 2005

Why Chelski won't win the Title

Chelsea will not win the English Premiership this time round and will struggle to live up to the achievements of last season.

The Blues may be the favourites for the title again but they will find life as defending champions hard to go by. They need only ask neighbours Arsenal, who have been unable to defend any of the three titles they have won since the Premiership began.

Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson have long maintained that defending the championship is a much harder ask than winning it in the first place. And Jose Mourinho's men will now be under real pressure after claiming their first league title for 50 years.

In short: Chelsea are now the team to beat. And believe you me, they are not up to the challenge.



Blogger Sean said...

I think they will have a big problem functioning as a true "team". Too many egos fighting to start will create lots of animosity. If things start to unravel, everyone will be pointing fingers in no time. Carvalho has already started, and look at Jose's response "He needs an IQ test!" or something to that affect. What kind of team can they be with that attitude?

Anonymous Pete said...

I couldn't agree more with what you've said. It's times like these I'm always reminded about how Bob Paisley used to treat a new season, something Hansen mentions a lot. What's gone on before matters little and everyone will be out to beat you.

Hell, even Wigan gave them a run last weekend!

Blogger Sarah_A said...

yeah, although i think Wigan were mainly running on adrenalin that game, but i agree they did give them a run for their money...


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