Wednesday, June 21, 2006

England 2 - 2 Sweden

Gifs (Goals):
Joe Cole Gif 1 Joe Cole Gif 2
Stevie G


A much better performance than the first two games, cracking goal by Joe Cole and some diabolical defending towards the end. England need to work on defending from dead balls to have any chance.

Feel sorry for little Mickey but as one of our readers
Craig pointed out, it might be a blessing in disguise as far as England are concerned.

Here are
Craig's comments.

Well Lampard didn't get booked, but Gerrard came on and scored a beautiful header. Owen's injury may force the 4-5-1 upon Sven, it's a shame we pay him £5 million a year and it takes injury's to players for him to finally make the right choice.

Gerrard is a much better player than Lampard, and the stats don't lie, Lampard has had 18 shots on goal and not scored, Gerrard has had just 6 and scored twice.

I'd like to see the 4-5-1, with Carrick or Hargreaves as the holding player. Rooney upfront alone, with Gerrard, Cole and Lampard supporting. Beckham will just do what he does (f*ck all).

Do you agree with him?


Blogger Drogballs said...

sincerely hope so! and maybe they'll start to play more effectively.


Anonymous marcusxa said...

totally agree! the Liverpool playing style is the way to go!

Blogger Craig said...

great goal from joe cole, surprised just about everyone, i didn't have time to cheer, cause it was a shock.

I'd maybe like to see Carrick play instead of Hargreaves, as I feel Carrick is a much better passer of the ball.

Lampard needs to improve as does Beckham, it was a shame about Owen's injury but he was ineffective in the opening two games for us...

Give Gerrard that slot and he will score us 5 or 6 goals this World Cup. I dunno bout Beckham anymore though, I think he drains width from the squad, Lennon for me is a much better player but needs to improve he's final ball.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

J.Cole's Goal was unreal shot...Perfect in every way! England played an excellent game; very few Cards in that game as well, which was great I hope they go all the way now that the USA is out I'll be in support of England!
Time for me to put up the Stars & Stripes And break out the Union Jack!
Best wishes Brits
Damn Yank


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