Thursday, August 03, 2006

To Rick Parry, From Israeli Reds

Mr. Rick Parry
Liverpool FC Chief Executive


RE round qualifaying against Maccabi Haiffa - UEFA's Champions league

Dear Mr. Parry,

Last Friday, at 13.00 pm (Israel time), more than 50 members of the official supporters club of Liverpool in Israel, other dozens of fans of Liverpool in Israel who didn't sign yet to our club, and thousands of thousands of football fans all over Israel, sat down to watch the UEFA Champions League draw, in order to see who will come to Israel to play against Maccabbi Haifa in the 3rd round of the champions league qualifications.

Moments later, a huge excitement spread all over Israel: Liverpool FC ! Liverpool FC is to come to Israel to play against Haifa! The greatest team, Liverpool! 5 times champions of Europe! Nothing could be compared to that!

Even non Liverpool supporters were excited. How couldn't they be?

The Israeli sport channels, and the sport websites in Israel talked only about that. The Israeli supporters club website actually collapsed...

A few hours later we heard about the intensions of Liverpool to move the game elsewhere. We were shocked! Even though many of us have been to Liverpool FC matches, it is not such an ordinary thing for us to see our dream come true and watch our beloved team play in front of us!

Such a huge disappointment for the Liverpool fans in Israel. But also huge a disappointment for every football fan in Israel, regardless of his favorite team.

We, at the Israeli branch, wanted to inform you that things here are not as bad as they seem. It is completely different from what you see on television.

We know it looks very scary from such a long distance and when you don't live it physically, but you have to understand that things are not what they seem. Tel Aviv is at the center of Israel and is located very far from the north, about 1000kms away!

If Liverpool were to play in the city of Haifa, we would be the first ones who would come up and say that Liverpool shouldn't come, since we know what's going on over there. But we also know what's going on in Tel Aviv. Things here are very quite, and the game is not to take place in Haifa, it is to take place in Tel Aviv!

We have added a map of Israel to this letter, so you can see the distance between Haifa and Tel Aviv.

We also added a footage of life in Tel Aviv and around the stadium of Ramat Gan, where the game should take place. The photos were taken on Saturday, the 29th of July, 2006. This link will lead you to the video:

7 movie about tel-aviv.

You can trust us that we wouldn't want to jeopardize the players and staff of Liverpool FC, and not the visiting Red Army coming here, who would get the best hospitality available.

Another aspect is the diplomacy. There are major international diplomacy efforts to end this clash between Israel and Hezbollah, so until the 22/23.8, we have a good reason to believe that the clash will come to an end, or at least get much less intensive.

Please remember that the center of Europe is very far from us and very expensive for us.

Therefore, the members of the Israeli Liverpool supporters branch in Israel urge you to reconsider this matter, and hope you'll reach the right decision.

We'll be more than happy to assist you with any information you require.

Many thanks in advance.
Sincerely yours,
Ido Arieli,
Chairman of the Israeli Official Branch


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not in my name blair

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the team should not go...its just too dangerous

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

can i just point out - and i'm almost sure about this - nowhere in Israel is 1000km from anywhere else hence the claim that tel aviv is 1000k from haifa is wrong. Its closer to 150km I've been told.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's only about 100km. But that's irrelevant, it would still be a high profile event that would be a tempting target. Sad that it needs to be moved, but necessary.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't want to see MY team being a part of Israels political games.
Israel should be banned because of the attrocities they have caused. Still at least we have Mel Gibson as the voice of reason!


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