Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hezbollah, Hezbollah!

For some reason (probably becasue this country doesn't officially recognise israel) the local TV netweorks decided not to show the game - which was a bastard - Had to get regular updates from mates. The bastards have banned Youtube as well! Which means I've only been able to see one goal, emailed to me by Gooner (The other two files wouldn't open). So if anyone has clips of the goal that you could email me on, it'd be well appreciated. Ta

UPDATE: Within 5 minutes of posting this, David Graham has taken the time to upload them and forward them to us - Cheers matey. If any of you need the clips just email me on the above address.

Oh and apparently there were chants of Hezbollah, Hezbollah around Anfield and a handful of Lebanese flags too! Well done lads.

Oh and here's the youtube highlights for the rest of ya.


Anonymous Fowler is back - yippee said...

Not quite 3-0, but it'll do until we stuff 'em in cyprus. Haifa played well, but Sissoko was a rock!

Blogger TLR said...

Gonzalez seemed to impress for the 5 minutes he was on the pitch!

Pennant and Bellamy with good games to start the season at a new club.

But the defense is a worry. Normally the rock that holds Rafa's teams together has looked shakey all pre-season and again conceded today when a clean sheet was paramount.

What kind of team with Rafa put out this weekend versus Chel$ea?

Blogger Gilly said...

Seeing as you appear to agree with a terrorist group who deliberately fire rockets at Israel, trying to kill civilians, whilst using Lebanese civilians as cover, I won't be coming back to your blog.

Do you support the 24 Muslims arrested yesterday for planning to blow up planes too?

Gilly, Jerusalem

Anonymous turab said...

good, do not come back gilly! regardless of how hizbullah is fighting, israel is still killing civillians. with their advanced weaponary this should not be an issue. u mke such a complain after 10 people have died, u have killed a 1000. the reason gaza is such a terrible place now its cos israel go into muslim homes and tear them apart, i know ffrom first hand experience. there is a reason people do not like jews! the reasons are very clear even if you are oblivous to them, i condem what hizbullah is doing but someone needs to put u in ur place, think u can rule the world just cos america is backing you, you are the real terrorists. this would not have happened if u lot hadnt been such assholes

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish u wouldn't involve politics in this. why can't we just keep this on a football level? There are Jewish LFC fans and Muslim LFC fans. Each to his own. If you want to rant and rave about all this, there have got to be other places than this otherwise excellent blog.

Anonymous turab said...

yes i agree,apologies

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame on the fans at Anfield how could they do such a thing.I do not agree with chanting a terrorists group during a football match.Al Qaeda,Hezbollah,Hamas etc..they're all the same they kill innocent people and no Im not Jewish nor do I support their actions in Lebanon.You can't stop terrorism by bombing a whole nation and killing innocent people.

my 2 cents

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Alright here's my stance on this:

Hezbollah = Terrorists

IDF = Terrorists

Both claim to be defending their people but have the blood of innocent civilians on their hands. IDF more so than Hezbollah. By taking the same course of action as their intended target (ie. killing civilians) IDF has done themselves no favours.

I do not support Hezbollah's actions, however I believe Israel is a bigger threat to peace in the Middle East. Its my opinion, you don't have to agree with it.

Israel has every right to defend itself, but NOT by destroying a whole country's infrastructure and in the process killing nearly 1000 civilians, half of them children.

Hezbollah although being a terrorist organization, ironically has a better civilian to military hit ratio, something like 80 IDF soldiers to 35 civilians I think.

I'm against the murder of innocent civilians, whether they're jews or muslims.

Lets hope this madness stops sharpish.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess you would have been pro-Nazi too since the Yanks and Brits killed more German civilians COMBINED than the Nazis killed Yank and BRitish civlians? Guess you think the RAF are a bunch of terrorists too for wiping out a Danish hospital in 1943 or fire bombing Dresden and burning 75,000 people alive?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Oiiii stop the cussing man and all of you just chill for a sec. Damn i really should keep the political stuff away from this site.

The anonymous poster before this one - sorry mate but I can't see how anything can justify the slaughter of innocent civilians.

Blogger Avram said...

thank you anonymous ... whoever you are, you've just given all us Israelis (Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze, Bahai) a reason to keep on 'treking' in Israel ... Thanks! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dan PLZ!! continue posting political stuff.I love reading peoples views even if I don't agree with um.


Blogger Avram said...

anonymous - i don't think he should bring politics into this site ... i think sports should go 'above' that .. as someone said earlier on this thread, there are Muslim LFC fans, Jewish LFC fans, Christian LFC fans etc ... Despite our political views, our love for the greatest team on earth is what unifies us ... This is a website which is about sports and beautiful birds, and it should stay like that!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I do agree to some extent with what your saying.This is a website devoted to all things about LFC and football in general and as you put it "beautiful birds" lol,he still does post alot of random stuff that might draw some intrest in his readers.I still enjoy a good debate on some world issues.I remember when Dan posted a story a while back on Muslims protesting in England on the comics that offended some people.I enjoyed it,some took offense.bottom line i don't think he should change his ways


Anonymous piniyini said...

another vote for dan not changing the site, keep it as it is.

forget the haters, it your blog man


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