Sunday, September 24, 2006

Liverpool 3-0 Tottenham


Mark Gonzales 1-0
Dirk Kuyt 2-0
John Arne Riise 3-0

A fantastic attacking performance (only in the second half, mind) with great goals from Speedy, Kuyt and a Riise thunderbolt! Doesn't really score many from inside the box does he, our Riise?

I love watching Kuyt play. Excellent attitude and work rate, And to top it he has the ability, hardly ever gives it away, and looks to create outlets up the top. Took his goal excellently, and were it not for Bellers would have had a good chance with that header.

Gerrard was Gerrard. No more to say, he is the best centre mid in the country, and arguably the world. Excellent play yesterday, strong surging runs giving their left back some stick, and super play for the first 2 goals. I dont give a f**k if he is on the right or centre or roaming, he'll do it where ever.

In Agger Benitez has defo captured a good'un there.. comfortable on the ball and pushing forwards, and good in the air and on the deck. Will turn into one of the best.

No-one had a bad game exactly, except perhaps Bellamy. Missed a sitter which fortunately was pounced on. I still think he will turn out to be a good'un for us, as he does look pretty active and was unlucky not to get a goal or win a penalty. will be hoping for more from him in the future games though. He's looking a little tense when in front of goal, as he hasn't scored yet. I really think he needs to relax a little and try and enjoy himself a bit more. [Breachy]

Our Man of the match - Tough one, there were a few very good performances. Agger, Gonzalez, Kuyt, Gerrard, Garcia, Sissoko..

I'd go with Kuyt I think. What say you?


Blogger Val said...

Garcia made 2 goals after he came one, all of them had a good game, tough choice indeed. I'll go with Kuyt too....

Blogger TLR said...

Yup, Kuyt for me as well. Brilliant all round performance. A real live-wire.

Not sure about Rafa "resting" Carra for the mid-week game. 'Pools defence of recent past has been built around having the same pairing in the centre of defence. Not sure I like the chopping and changing back there. Defenders need to know exactly where their team mate will be at all times, and that hasn't looked the case recently.

But loving Agger's rise though ...

Blogger Nick said...

Sissoko and Kuyt stood head and shoulders above the rest on Saturday. However, Gerrard did not have a good game. He made one or two short runs, but was mainly floating for 90 minutes being pretty absent from play. (I was sat in the main stand on the flank he played on during the first half).

We have two of the best defensive midfielders in the premiership in Sissoko and Alonso. I say, sell Gerrard for a vast amount to a club where he can flourish, helping england progress, and use the money to buy another world class player(s) who could slide into our team with ease... Albeit, controversial, it could well help in the long run, and it won't be long before such ideas enter Benitez's mind.

If we play Stevie on the right, have we have paid £6m for a hot talent like Jermaine to warm the bench?

If we play him on the left where do Aurelio, Riise, Gonzalez and (if he's ever back) Kewell fit in?

Blogger TLR said...


Sell Gerrard and you sell the heart and soul of the Liverpool Football Club. This is old ground that doesn't need to be raked over again.

As I have suggested before, I think a 3-4-1-2 would work well for Rafa.

Finnan Carra Riise
Pennant Alonso Sissoko Gonzalez/Kewell
Kuyt Bellamy

With Alonso and Momo holding down the DM roles, a back three would work fine leaving Gerrard to roam in the middle and cause the opposition a lot of heartache.

Blogger Drogballs said...

Dirk's the Kuyt hero. Deffo the man of the match!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol are you serious? sell Stevie never!!.
"sell Gerrard for a vast amount to a club where he can flourish"
Liverpool is that club and Rafa is that manager.
nuff said


Blogger Nick said...

tlr. YOU have to be be kidding ME. 3 at the back in the Premiership?!? You would happily leave Carra in the middle at the back on his own? We still have problems when there's two in the middle!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick . . . sell Gerrard??. . . are you a crackhead? . . . or . . . just as I suspect . . . either 7 years old or a complete idiot?

Blogger Nick said...

Yeah, nice balls there anonymous. What a man you are.

Anonymous prash said...

so damn pissed off at the ref i am going around every blog ranting about it.wat a FUCKING bad call!!!!!he wasnt even standing across the damn line.that bloody mother long since i was so damn pissed at a ref.

Blogger Unaiza Nasim said...

hey, was just going through my archived posts and thought to drop in and say a hi:)
long timenot been on my blog?

Blogger TLR said...

Where you gone to Dan ??

Anonymous prash said...

yeah man.its has been to damn long.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Slap Head Nick said...

I see Little Hooliganz figures are back, check the Liverpool one.


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