Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Carra for Captain?


I've had it with Stevie G constantly being the centre of attention for both media and fans alike and I think it is time that he passes the captiancy over to its rightful aire (?!)

Reasons why Carra should be captain.

1) He IS the voice of the dressing room and all players acknowledge this as fact.

2) He is a Natural leader on and off the pitch.

3) His head NEVER drops, no matter what.

4) He is down to earth, not a prima donna, a proper man's man with no airs and graces.

5) He has NEVER spit his dummy. Ever! not when he's been left out of the side, when he's played whole seasons at RB or even LB even though he knew he was a CB. He was just GRATEFUL to be playing for Liverpool.

6) He is by far the most VOCAL on the pitch. Stevie might be captain on paper but Carra is already captain in practice.

7) It would definitely give him a huge, and timely, boost helping to improve his form and seeing as we're shipping goals at the moment it would be ideal.

8 ) It would also IMO put a fire up SG's backside and give him a point to prove, aswell as bringing him down to earth a notch or ten!

9) There's no reason why a team's "best" player has to be captain. Ronaldinho is not captain. Drogba is not captain. Giggs has never been a regular captain. Ronaldo (Madrid) has never been a captain, Dalglish wasn't captain, Barnes wasn't captain. You want your best motivator to be captain: Keane, Souness, Terry etc and Stevie is NOT our best motivator, Carra IS!

10) It would also relieve the a burden from SG's shoulders and allow him to simply concentrate on his game. Stevie's temperament is a bit like Henry's at the arse and since Viera left (who was a natural leader in the Carra mould) his captaincy has been unconvincing, just like Stevie's.

To make something straight, I like Stevie, I think he is our best player (but not so far this season), I simply think that Carra would be a better man for the captain's job and would love to see him get his just desserts.
Article posted on RAWK


Blogger Craig said...

Good read...

I can't see it happening though to be honest. You raise some good points, Gerrard is Liverpool through and through, but Carragher is way more vocal, you can often hear Carragher on TV shouting it's crazy!

I've always had the view that

1) Captains should be either the goalkeeper or a centre half. Because from the back they can direct more

2) The team should have eleven captains. No, not every player should be the captain, but every player should act in that way IMO :D

If Gerrard wasn't captain then Carragher would be no doubt. I'm not sure if Drogba is Chelseas best player though but each to their own.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Well said craig and even though I agree with most points in the article, I dont think now would be the time to make the change as Stevie's not likely to take that too nicely, he's immensely proud of that armband and this would damage not just his confidence but might hurt his motivation as well.

Anonymous prash said...

waste of time this article.there is no turning back until gerrard retires the armband or leaves the club.

imo midfielders should be the captains cause they are in between def n attack.as they say, "u win the midfield battle,u win the game"

Blogger Nick said...

"Barnes wasn't captain" Have I missed something? I seem to recall Digger being one of the best captains Anfield has ever seen.

Anonymous Jen said...

hmmm, okay. i have to say i'm a gerrard fan so i may be slightly biased, but i DO really like carra as well. and i agree that carra will make a good captain as well, but i also agree with 'dirty dan', to take the armband off stevie now would do more damage than good. and i also think while Carra and Gerrard are both liverpool players thru and thru, it seems that Gerrard is more symbolic as the liverpool captain?

i also agree that you don't have to have the best player being the captain, adn in my opinion, it's hard to pin point a "best" player in any team just because a defender/mid/strikers/goalie all that "different" roles to play and you cna't really compare. sure you can say who's teh better defender, or who's the better striker etc, but all in all, it's how they work as a team that matters. so you need someone who is well respected in the team, and so yes, both carra and gerrard are good choices for captain.

as much as i like Carra, i hope Gerrard keeps the armband. sorry.

Blogger DROGBALLS said...

I like Carragher and no doubt he has the leadership quality and good enough to be Liverpool's captain. BUT I don't think changing captain now is going to help. Or worst, it might unstabilise the team and what message are we sending out to Gerrard?

As a captain, leadership is important as well as the ability to inspire. Not that Carragher can't. But I think Gerrard's involvement further up the field is an important factor as well as his ability to nick a goal or two at crucial period. When you see your captain running around and even just by taking a pot shot, you'll be greatly encouraged.

So no! Don't change captain now!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's a good idea, carra is a good captain, however, Stevie leads by example, just look, when you play like that you inspire. Just look at the FA cup final, '90 min and gerrard scores a great goal, that's leadership.

PS Barnes was captain


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