Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Something is very wrong in the Camp

The season seems to be getting worse just when you thought it couldn't, anymore.

Aside from Alonso's terrible form, there seems to be a problem with Rafa's relationship with Gerrard, who's hasn't really looked interested so far this season. Whatever it is, seems to be affecting his form massively so its probably something big. I doubt there's much truth in the rumors about his missus, its probably more to do with the dressing room.

He's also clearly frustrated at not getting to play in his preferred position. He's come out and said that before the boro game and then Rafa comes out with a completely unnecessary 'He didn't speak to me, I spoke to him' which to me shows there might be some bother in the camp. A completely unnecessary reminder of who's the boss, really.

I hope they settle their differences sharpish - Benitez is the type who won't take sh*t from no one and Gerrard does come accross as a little cocky at times, if you've read his book.


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