Monday, December 11, 2006

The People's Supermarket!

As DIC study Liverpool's books in the face of an imminent takeover, Everton have struck their own deal, with none other than TESCO which will see Everton new stadium built in... wait for it............ Kirkby!!

The 'Peoples Club'!! moving away from the people!!

won't somebody please think of the people!!

i'm gonna piss my pants laughing honestly, serves them right as Kirkby's not even in Liverpool (officially atleast)!

Lets face it, as Shankly said, there were only really two teams in Liverpool, Liverpool and Liverpool Reserves.


Anonymous Rob said...

classic! It's almost another Wimbledon!

BTW download the official podcast at - Jamie C's awards of 2006

funniest moment - beating Everton with 10 men, that's always funny. ROFL

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

Yea I heard that it was brilliant, the bit about Sissy (Cisse) and his boots as well as crouch's robodance :-D


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