Thursday, February 22, 2007

I repeat, its Barcelona 1 - 2 Liverpool!!

I love it when the so called pundits and 'experts' write us off against big European sides.

We were supposed to be brushed aside by Juventus.

We were never good enough to hold Chelsea back.

We were supposed to be annihilated by AC Milan.

And then Barca was supposedly going to teach us a footballing lesson last night?

Andy Gray in particular gets my blood boiling. All he could muster after a few minutes of silence once Riise had scored was 'Barcelona need 2 goals to go through at Anfield. Surely they can do it can't they?'

Great performance by the lads. It looked in the first half as if the occasion had gotten to some of our players and they looked shellshocked - however it was the self belief and some brilliant tactics by the master tactician that is Benitez, what saw them through. Ronaldinho is a show-pony. He's skilled, but only for showreels or Nike adverts. He was found out last night, and so were most of the barca squad.

Momo & Alonso were fantastic in the middle, Gerrard not his usual attacking self but still solid, him and Finnan had Fat Ron in their backpocket most of the time. Messi on the other hand was taken care of by Riise and Arbeloa. Riise's performance, specially in the first half was cack I thought. He's going through a terribly run lately and I hope the goal last night goes some way in restoring his confidence.

Kuyt worked tirelessly as ever but should've put that cross in the back of the net. Bellamy was out with a point to prove last night and he did his talking on the pitch - a stunning effort from the welshman.

Him and Riise on the scoresheet was, as Riise himself said after the game, destiny. Liverpool fans could not have asked for more last night. Lets finish off the tie at Anfield next week in what promises to be another fabulous European night at Anfield.

Oh and to the 'experts' and the media, pleaaaaaaassssseeeeeee keep writing us off, the underdog tag suits us beautifully.

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Blogger Val said...

what can i say...?
you said them sleep was deservedly deprived

Blogger TLR said...

Most definately going to be a European night to remember next week. Got a feeling I might be able to hear the Kop all the way from Melbourne!

Blogger KingSlayer said...

Being in the US without the necessary cable, and anyway the game was in the afternoon time here, so I could only follow on the net (the bbc site in fact!!). When Deco got the goal early in the game, and after close to 40 mins we had only managed about 38% of the possession, I thought we would be lucky to just concede one. But 2 away goals now, and we can definitely get through. And you are absolutely right about people writing us off every time !!! Rafa is always underestimated !!


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