Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The COOLEST man at Anfield

Loved watching Rafa on the grass, chillin, calm as fu*k. Imagine the message it gives his players, the confidence, the belief, the calm... Compare that with that headless chicken Jose Mourinho, running around screaming his instructions to his players, pointing towards the sky and whatnot.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i always respect this man..he keeps his composure every time his team at a brink of winning or losing..Even when kuyt converted the last penalty, he hardly to show any emotion on his face..He believes on his players ..God Bless Rafa, the team and the Kops

Anonymous Fuzzy said...

Best of all is, right after Pepe saves from Geremi, he simply turned to look at his watch. Time's up, Chelsea!


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