Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bye Bye Mourinho...

Although Liverpool won the game, were the only team that scored, had another disallowed, hit the woodwork and after 30 minutes had enjoyed 79% possession, I think clearly Mourinho is justified in saying that Chelsea were the better team and were the only ones trying to win the game. What an arsehole.

I think he will leave Chelsea now. Over the last week he's had rants targeted at Liverpool and Man U that were almost childish in their incoherence and as a result he has lost the league to one and been knocked out of Europe by the other. He's definitely lost his aura now. He's just a whining little maggot.

I do feel sorry for the likes of Drogba, Robben and Ferreira though, as the effort they put into some of their diving was truly heroic.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come you don't get any comments on this wonderful blog? I just love it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

obrigado liverpool

Blogger nortygordy said...

Brilliant Dan,

I had to steal it

thanks mate

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

no worries mate.

anon. i'd disappeared for a bit - now that i'm back hopefully we'll start getting more traffic


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