Saturday, September 13, 2008

About F*cking Time!!

What a game! Hats off to the lads we've pulled off a great result even more-so in the absence of two of our best players! This should set us up nicely for the coming weeks and give the lads much needed confidence and belief!

Once again Utd sat back and let us dominate as they've done on their last two visits to Anfield, only this time there was no lucky winner for them and our resilience came through. Brilliant result.

Oh and just incase you missed it in the news, here's a vid of the massive anti-hicks/gillette march before the game. About time we were rid of this cancer thats holding our club back. You lying bastards, get out of our club!

PS. Cheers to GimpusMaximus from F365 for the pic.

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Anonymous jerd said...

It Perfect game , I think that
Thank Ryan Babel

Anonymous LFC Globe Forum said...

Great victory for Liverpool! The first for many to come.

LFC Globe

Blogger Val said...

yeah, it's abt About F*cking Time you updated...*sniggers*

Great game, great result!

Anonymous Redtide said...

I was thinking the exact same val.. haha. Great site. Always look out for updates here. Fantastic Result.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

haha i'm trying val honestly mate will get this back on track!

Come on you REDS!


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