Saturday, May 27, 2006

FAO: Manc Fans - Loving the irony

Q: What city in England has the highest rate for of robberies?
A: Machester, with more than TWICE the number of robberies per 1000 people than in Liverpool. [BBC]

The worst places in England according to crime statistics:

Vehicle crime: Nottingham
Rape: Portsmouth
Assault: Leicester
Burglary: Stockport
Robbery: Manchester
Gun crime: Bradford
Murder: Nottingham

Manchester has a worse serious crime rate than Liverpool in every one of those categories.


Manchester - 7th - 3.04 murders per 100,000 people
Liverpool - 20th - 2.13 murders per 100,000 people


Manchester - 11th - 5.35 rapes per 10,000 people
Liverpool - 40th - 3.52 rapes per 10,000 peolpe


Manchester - 17th - 20.7 assaults per 1,000 people
Liverpool - 20th - 20.41 assaults per 1,000 people


Manchester - 8th - 28.72 burglaries per 1,000 people
Liverpool - 23rd - 16.75 burglaries per 1,000 people


Manchester - 1st - 8.78 robberies per 1,000 people
Liverpool - 9th - 3.74 robberies per 1,000 people

Vehicle crime

Manchester - 2nd - 39.65 vehicle crimes per 1,000 people
Liverpool - 25th - 21.29 vehicle crimes per 1,000 people

Gun crime

Manchester - 15th - 2.92 gun crimes per 10,000 people
Liverpool - 28th - 1.68 gun crimes per 10,000 people

Overall rankings

Manchester - 5th - 98.71 serious crimes per 1,000 people
Liverpool - 21st - 62.73 serious crimes per 1,000 people

Still, could be worse, you could be a Forest fan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Home of Liverpool FC. The most successful English football club and 5 time European Cup holders.

Goodison Park
Home of everton fc

hmm....notice that they did not say anything nice about the neighbors.LoL

aloha from hawaii :)

Blogger Richie said...

Greta Post, Says it all about those Manc twats.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still a bunch of twats though arnt you. Top of the league and you anit gonns catch us you bunch of granny stabbers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bunch of fu#kin bindippers. Theres some nice birds on the site though, al give you that. If there is one thing I can say I like about Merseydive...and there is only one thing you have some nice girls....I think its the accent. But you fellas just sound like a bunch a twats. Well done for losing to Everton in the cup...or should I say Man Utd's 3rd team. Ha ha One Love!!


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