Thursday, May 18, 2006

Liverpool to blame for Arsenal's defeat

Samuel Eto singled out Liverpool Football Club as the inspiration behind Barcelona's fantastic Champions League final comeback in Paris on Wednesday night. Although its hardly a comeback, by our standards, from a goal down against 10 men.

"If you look at Liverpool's spirit, you know you have to fight to the end and, God permitting, you can win."

"You can't allow doubts to creep in in a final like this. When we came out after half-time, we heard our supporters and remembered the spirit of Liverpool's players a year ago."

Congratulations to Barca, and a big well done to le' arse, and their supporters, for coming this far and fighting till the end when the chips were down. What could have been a fantastic final was ruined as a contest by the referee. But Arsenal still did everyone proud by not folding like a pack of cards and making it indeed very difficult for Barcelona.

You'll never walk alone!



Blogger FM said...

bArcelona are the champions ..they deserver it..they can beat anytime right now. if liverpool had been tehre they would also have beaten them.

with regards


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