Sunday, June 25, 2006

He's small, He's Red, He Hasn't Got A Neck!



Craig Bellamy will be welcomed with open arms into the Liverpool dressing room.

The Anfield recruit today received a ringing endorsement of his talent and mentality from his new skipper Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard's enthusiasm for Bellamy's ability will be music to the ears of a player who it was claimed fell out with the senior members of the dressing room at Newcastle.

With both Gerrard and Jamie Carragher fans of the pacy forward, Bellamy couldn't wish for more powerful allies on his arrival.

Gerrard has brushed off the relevance of the much hyped troublesome reputation, arguing Bellamy will add a valuable 'nasty streak' to Liverpool's forward line.

And he's confident the Welshman's winning mentality will make him a huge favourite of The Kop.

"When all the Liverpool lads out here in Germany heard the deal had gone through, all of us were really happy," said Gerrard.
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I'm made up by this, although it aint exactly breaking news anymore (apologies, been really busy with work).

Who's next? Kuyt? Torres? With a 25m plus pricetag, I can't see us going for Torres. But then do we need a 'top quality striker' that badly? - someone capable of 20+ goals a season? While it would be nice to have someone with that quality upfront, I believe its more important to get a right winger now that we've signed Bellamy. I'm not suggesting Bellamy's the answer to our problem upfront. However, and this is my theory, we have enough quality in the midfield and upfront to guarantee us a better season than last year - and last year was one of our best in recent years.

Lets have a look at it this way. How many goals would you need to have a successful season? We scored 57 last season. Chelsea scored 72 to win the league.

I'm not sure if anyone else remembers Rafa's interview just after the Simao deal fell through, on how not being able to sign a 20+ goals striker doesn't mean you won't be able to challenge for the title. We have a few players capable of 10-15 goals a season (Gerrard, Bellamy, Crouch) and a few more between the 7-10 goals-a-season count (Fowler, Kewell, Garcia, Gonzalez, Alonso) and I'd rather have it that way as its less of a risk and if anything, (injuries permitting) we are guaranteed an even better finish than last season.


Blogger will said...

In anwser to your question (do we need a 20+ goal a season striker), YES.

My choice would be David Villa, who will score shed loads of goals. I like Torres and think he's an huge talent, but i don't see him scoring 20 league goals in the league (unlike Villa). But can't see either coming due to ££££££(lack of).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO Kuyt! his performence today against Potrugal was'nt anything special.Liverpool are better off spending money on Defoe or someone along those lines.


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