Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Apologies for going AWOL

I have been travelling and i'll be travelling for the next week or so... until then you could either go through the archives (links somewhere on this page) or some of the excellent blogs that I've linked to.

If someone can babysit my site for a few days, let me know on

I've got content that I could forward you to post on the site.

Oh and I desperately need a ticket for the reading game at anfield on the 4th of november - let me know if someone can help me out with it. I'll pay extra if i really had to.

Happy Eid, in advance!


Anonymous Bruce said...

Dan, if you're getting bored shitless writing this thing, then retire! You're a big boy, you can do that!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

DD- I've been checking this ssite every day! You must continue to fight the good fight! UPDATE!

Anonymous Bruce said...

It's a top site mate, it really is. I'm just saying if you're heart ain't in it anymore than no-one's gonna rip your balls off for moving on. That said, I hope you don't, this is one of the funniest sites on the web.

Blogger DROGBALLS said...

Don't give up matey. Hope to see it back up soon!

Anonymous Dinger said...

One more Gary Nevil Diary at least before the retirement my friend.
You know i makes sense.
Great site.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please dont retire mate, this site is wicked...

Blogger theGoose said...

Hve you taken the 'Pool defence with you? :)


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