Saturday, November 11, 2006

And we're back from.... MONDAY!

Whats all this talk of retirement then eh?
I'm really really sorry I haven't been able to post for a good few days thanks to a couple of mini-breaks that I took. I was in London for the WTM and have infact only got back today.

Having finally made my first pilgrimage to Anfield since old big ears returned, I feel, having seen it in flesh (or metal), that I can now die a happy man.

More on that and there's tonnes of other stuff which needs to be posted - watch this space as we'll be up and running from Monday, with all the action from tomorrow's game against Arsenal!
Oh and thanks for all your comments, emails, and advice - always more than welcome

Goose - I'm putting my money on Robbie to be in the starting line up :-)


Blogger will said...


Anonymous cheeky said...

about time.

Blogger Dirty Dan said...


awwight cheeky ;)

Blogger Jamie's said...

Yeah about time, I was beginning to think that was the end Nfield?

Blogger loveuamy said...

wow! Dan is back!!!
love the picture here already!
keep them coming mate!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great. Now that you've announced your return, we have a sudden unexpected away defeat. Coincidence?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

end? ha ha i dont blame you to be honest, i just burnt out i guess plus with all the travelling...

anon. - it was hardly 'sudden and unexpected' though was it mate ha ha

Blogger DROGBALLS said...

nice to see you back! Back with a bang!

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

cheers mate.

and well done with your site, its fast turning into one of the best out there!

Blogger swervy249 said...

i reckon your absence has something to do with our rubbish away form, lol

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah!u're back!!


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