Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just To Tee Things Off

A selection of our favourite golfing references from today's match reports, for all of you with better things to do than us:

'Craig Bellamy and John-Arne Riise putt on the style in the Nou Camp last night' - The Daily Star.

'He then teed-up Riise...' - The Daily Star.

'...and teed up a second for John Arne Riise' - The Daily Star.

'...all that was left was for Bellamy to tee up Riise' - The Guardian.

'Bellamy equalised with a 43rd-minute header before teeing up Riise...' - The Daily Mail.

'...dig them out of a European bunker' - The Daily Star.

'Rafael Benitez's decision to start Bellamy proved a master-stroke' - The Daily Telegraph.

'How fortunes swing' - The Daily Telegraph.

'It was a relatively short but powerful assault that was always likely to find a hole' - The Times.

'The Norwegian international overstruck his cross...Riise clearly chose the wrong club!' - The Daily Star.

'Weekend golfers will have recognised the error of using a nine-iron when a seven-iron would have been a better choice' - The Daily Mail.

'Riise over-clubbed his centre...' - The Daily Express.

'A case of using too lofty a club...' - The Daily Mail.

'Football's equivalent of sinking a hole in one...' - The Daily Mirror.

Swinging Headlines of the Day

'Swing When You're Winning' - The Daily Mirror.

'Bellamy Back In The Swing' - The Daily Express.

'Bold Bellamy Swings It' - The Daily Mail.

'Bellamy And Riise Swing Into Action For Liverpool' - The Times.

'Bellamy And Riise Get In The Swing For Liverpool' - The Independent.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't use any reference to the s*n, bunch of lying twats.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sun? Give yourself a pat on the back.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sarcastic undertones in my last comment went astray cyber space then please let me rephrase; The fucking Sun?

Blogger Dirty Dan said...

the last one from the s** was meant to be an example of their shite reporting, but i do apologise if its offended some of you.


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